NICKMERCS Praised & Thanked Ninja

During Nick Kolcheff AKA NICKMERCS recent Twitch stream, he took a moment to thank his fellow streamer Tyler Blevins AKA Ninja for paving the way for streamers to be successful and turn their passion into full-time jobs.

Ninja is regarded as the first Twitch streamer to achieve celebrity status and his meteoric rise to fame during the early days of Fortnite served as a blueprint for all future streamers. Ninja put in countless hours of streaming Fortnite to become Twitch’s most popular channel, and while his viewership isn’t as high as it once was, his legacy as a streamer is amazingly undeniable.

Ninja was also the first major Twitch streamer to switch platforms when he switched to a Microsoft-owned streaming platform that is now defunct, Mixer.

Several Twitch streamers, including TimTheTatman, have left the platform in search of bigger paychecks on YouTube. Nickmercs has also hinted at a possible shift to streaming exclusively for YouTube and he took a break from his stream to sing Ninja’s praises and explain why all streamers owe him a huge debt of gratitude.

He said that he likes to give that Ninja a big shoutout saying that Tyler Blevins is an American football player. “Ninja! Ninja!” exclaims the ninja. Nick remarked that he and ninja are two very different people, but they have a few things in common. They both enjoy playing video games and that they both enjoy competitive gaming. They are also both into Halo and other games and he remembers when all the stuff for streamers started popping up, and Ninja really did lead it. The moves Ninja made and the manner in which he went about his business.

There’s no denying the amount of hours Ninja put in during the early days of Fortnite and it’s something he’ll never forget. Ninja truly did open the floodgates for a lot of this and tha Nickmercs and many streamers all adore him, so a big shout out to the streamer and said that many streamers are all grateful to him.

While we wait to see if NICKMERCS is truly leaving Twitch, his praise for Ninja is a subtle hint that he may be joining Tim and Dr. Lupo in the YouTube Gaming fold.

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