Nickmercs Threatens To Quit Apex Legends

NICKMERCS, a popular streamer on Twitch, has spoken out about Apex Legends’ recent big server issues, warning he’ll leave the popular battle royale if another major crash happens again. 

Many of the top streamers, from CouRage to TimTheTatman, have made Apex Legends their new go-to battle royale, and it’s easy to see why. It is because Apex has been dominating the CoD battle royale Warzone in terms of viewership. 

NICKMERCS is another streamer who has found success after switching to Apex. While his Apex content is clearly popular with his viewers, others have wondered how long the bubble will continue and when he’ll return to Warzone. On a recent video, the streamer revealed his future plans for Apex Legends content, stating that if the current server issues that caused gamers and streamers to lose ranks are still continue to be  repeated, he will leave the game.

He stated; “If they ever put out an update where my game breaks and I can’t play Ranked for three days ever again, I’m out of here.” 

Despite his frustration with the server issues, NICKMERCS went on to claim that he’s whole-heartedly addicted to the game and that his current plan is to keep playing Apex Legends content until he reaches Predator in ranked play. 

Here’s what he stated; “All I wanna do right now is play it – at least until I hit Predator, and then I wanna play with some of my Apex homies, and then we’ll see what happens after that. I realize Call of Duty’s dropping some new stuff in the near future, and we’ve also got a new Halo. There’s a lot going on.”

Apex’s latest server issues began with the release of patch 10.1, which led many players to face constant timeouts while playing Ranked mode, as well as losing RP as a result of exciting matches early. Respawn has promised a complete return to normal with a patch on September 28th and has prolonged the ranked split to give players more time to achieve their goal.


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