Ninja Kicks His Own Wife Out of Multiplayer Game

Twitch streamer T-Pain and fellow Nappy Boy Gaming member BigCheeseKIT ended up dying of laughter after Twitch star Tyler Blevins aka Ninja kicked his own wife out of the game.

Ninja and his wife Jessica are used to playing video games together. But during their September 7th live broadcast, they were joined by rapper T-Pain and fellow Nappy Boy Gaming member BigCheeseKIT. They went on to challenge the couple into a few games of Overcooked! 2. The game is a co-op cooking game with wacky, self-sabotaging levels.

On T-pain’s stream, you could hear Ninja telling his wife Jessica Blevins what she needed to do in the game. Ninja was hilariously yelling at her to hold the button A down to clean the dishes. After this, it was seen that Ninja decided to close out of the match and forfeit the game.

Jessica Blevins wasn’t very happy about Ninja’s ‘rage quit’ as she was shocked that she was removed from the game. She exclaimed; “Removed by the host? Was that you, Tyler? You f***ing removed me from the game?” While Ninja continued to give reasons for why he would do such a thing, T-Pain and BigCheese were absolutely dying from laughter on their stream.

On Ninja’s own stream, it can be seen that Ninja quickly exited the game and started laughing while his wife confronted him. He explained; “I think the game just heard me scream and kicked everyone out.” But his wife Jessica reasoned out stating that they would have won the game if he hadn’t quit.

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