Ninja Mocks CouRage

After a catastrophic Fortnite fail, Twitch streamer Jack Dunlop AKA CouRage was ridiculed by fellow streaming star Tyler Blevins AKA ‘Ninja’, who suggested that he should stick to Apex Legends.

Ninja is perhaps the most famous Fortnite player of all time, having set a Twitch subscription record during his peak. As a result, he has earned the right to criticize others for their errors.

After CouRage failed one-on-one combat at close range despite having a wonderful chance to capture the frag, Ninja didn’t miss an opportunity to accomplish just that.

The target CouRage was after managed to slip behind him and win the fight in an encounter the streamer definitely wished he could have back after firing some bullets in an attempt to expose his opponent.

“F**k you, man!” CouRage swore as he crossed the finish line in 17th place overall. Ninja mockingly said, “Stick to Apex, buddy,” alluding to Respawn’s rival battle royale.

Dunlop, not willing to take the remark lightly, reacted by calling Ninja a “ass.” This eventually led to the two exchanging shouts over their microphones, with Ninja referring to the fact that he didn’t even have a shotgun.

“It’s one against one, you p*ssy!”, Blevins shouted.

While the combat was all in good fun with no malice intended, it’s nice to witness some nasty talk between the two of them.

Hopefully, Ninja’s ribbing will motivate CouRage to improve his performance next time and secure those kills in a one-on-one where he has an advantage.



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