Ninja Shared Thoughts About Streamers Leaving Twitch

Twitch star Tyler Blevins aka Ninja has shared some of his thoughts about Dr Lupo and TimTheTatman biggest announcement of making a move into Youtube Gaming stating that their moves may be great for the industry as a whole.

The two biggest streamers on the platform, Dr Lupo and TimTheTatman have recently made headlines after announcing their switch to Youtube Gaming. And between platform moves and partnership deals, Twitch streamer Ninja is without a doubt, has had plenty of experience handling such things in the content-creation industry.

Now, after the news broke about Dr Lupo and timthetatman moving into Youtube gaming, Twitch star Ninja used his business knowledge during his most recent live broadcast as he explained to his viewers as to why Dr Lupo and timThetatman’s move may be a good thing for other creators.

In the stream while talking to his viewers under the Just Chatting content, Ninja started his thoughts by explaining that he has no inside information when it comes to anything regarding the moves. Going into a hypothetical situation between Twitch and YouTube going back and forth with offers over Lupo and Tim, Ninja theorized that it is possible Twitch wouldn’t offer certain incentives to keep the creators on their platform.

Ninja then explained why it may be good for other Twitch Partners as he stated; “Everyone that is left on Twitch, now has more leverage to stay on the platform by getting a better deal, or they could leave as well.” He explained that those who left on the platform can use Lupo and Tim’s move against the platform when negotiating contracts.

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