Ninja & Tfue Take Advantage Of Fortnite Comeback

Tfue and Ninja, two of Fortnite‘s most popular streamers, have returned to the game as a result of the Chapter 3 Season 2 hype.

Fortnite, arguably the most famous Battle Royale game in the world, has been resurgent for a few weeks, thanks to the addition of a game mode that appeals to all purists: forbidden construction. Thousands of players have returned to the game to play in the mode where no one can build, despite the fact that building is still available in competitive modes such as Arena.

Former Fortnite players, including Tfue and Ninja, have returned to the game, despite the fact that it is unlikely to remain in this state for long.

Ninja was a professional Halo player before dominating the Twitch game with Fortnite and it’s clear that since both streamers returned to Fortnite, their viewership has skyrocketed. Even if we can’t predict how long the renewed Fortnite hype will last, it will benefit them again.

Ninja’s consistent viewer count has soared to 16,000 since his return to Fortnite on March 20, which hasn’t happened in over a year. Despite having the most followers on Twitch, he hasn’t had much success streaming other games since leaving Fortnite.

Take advantage of the fact that Epic Games has made the mode available without construction if you want to see your favorite Fortnite streamers again.

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