Ninja Wants to Appear in Pokemon GO

Most followed twitch streamer Tyler Blevins aka Ninja has recently revealed what game he wants to be involved in next following his appearance in mega-popular mobile game Raid: Shadow Legends as a playable character.

After playing for several years in the competitive scenes for both Halo 3 and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Ninja rode the success of Fortnite to the top, becoming the most popular streamer of the smash-hit battle royale.

Ninja’s rise to the top has come with plenty of collaborations with big-name titles with his first appearance in a game was when he had his own Fortnite Skin which was still one of the game’s most popular skins until now. Aside from this, he also has Fall Guys skin and the latest game that he was featured in was as a playable character in Raid Shadow Legends.

Now, in a recent interview with ComicBook, Ninja expressed his own desire to be featured in another global phenomenon, Niantic’s Pokemon GO. He was quick to deny any desire to see himself featured within the game, but rather seek an opportunity to collaborate with Niantic. He also shares his love for the title and the way that Pokemon GO brings like-minded players together.

Ninja reflects on his experience with the game in a public setting and the feeling of meeting other players at the game’s “PokeStops” where players can acquire more resources to use in their Pokemon-catching adventures. Ninja’s love for the game is what makes him want to be involved with it in some way, but whether or not it happens is a different story.

It is uncertain whether the collaboration will ever happen but one thing is for certain, and that is if the collab ever materializes, it’ll be huge. And both parties will have a lot to gain from it.




Ninja is an online gamer who gained popularity from playing in the Fortnite Battle Royal game. He has teamed up with several video games and collaborated with other gaming companies, such as Niantic, to create a global phenomenon.

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