Ninja x Adidas Collection

Twitch Streamer Tyler Blevins AKA Ninja recently revealed two new pairs of slides as part of the Ninja x Adidas collection. Ninja’s fans can choose between two styles: Blue/Signal Cyan or Signal Cyan/Cloud White/Glow Pink. All of the styles will be available in Men’s and Youth sizes on Tuesday, August 31st at 3 AM ET. The “Time In” graphics are featured on the Blue/Signal Cyan option, while the other option is more subtle. In any case, these two new slides should appeal to a lot of people so that fans will want to act fast when they go live.

Ninja’s collaboration with Adidas began in 2019 and “Time In” refers to the efforts Ninja put in to reach his goals. The Time in collection’s first slides, as revealed in the Tweet are the first to be released The men’s size of the two styles will cost $80, while the youth sizes will cost $60.

The slides have similar designs to the Time In shoes, which will be available the same day. The Men’s ZX 2K 2.0 shoes will cost $150, while the Youth Sizes will cose $120. All of the Tuesday’s options can all be found at Adidas’ online store right here for those interested in seeing the rest of the collection:

Ninja’s popularity has grown significantly over the past years, as evidenced by the Time In collection.



Ninja is collaborating with Adidas to release two new slides that are part of the Time In collection. The Men’s and Youth sizes will be available Tuesday, August 31st at 3 AM ET. They can be found in Adidas’ online store here:

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