Nmplol Condemns Racist WoW Pros And Devs

During a recent stream, Twitch streamer Nick Polom aka Nmplol went on a short rant about his hatred for the game World of Warcraft and exposes its pros and devs.

On nmplol’s July 12th twitch stream while talking to his viewers under Just chatting category, he soon went on to talk about fellow streamer Asmongold’s recent Final Fantasy 14 broadcasts and how well his streams have been performing. Because of this, he then talks about how he hates most things that have to do with World of Warcraft. Nmplol also called for the game’s playerbase to turn to other MMOs, just as twitch streamer Asmongold did.

Nmplol says that he had a bad time playing the game as a lot of pro players were racist towards him. He claims that he hates some pro players in the game but not all of them. Nmplol didn’t reveal which players were racist to him, but it’s certainly concerning.

Also, nmplol took issue with the devs for having massive egos even though they’ve killed their entire playerbase. He said that he was happy that Asmongold and Rich are doing so well under other MMOs.

He then continued to rant saying that Blizzard was doing a terrible job for not listening to feedback. Then twitch streamer nmplol further says that he hopes that everyone playing World of Warcraft will stop playing soon and go play other titles such as Final Fantasy as he claimed that the only way for the Blizzard will only learn was once their entire player base is gone.

Here’s what he said; “I’m actually really happy that Asmond and Rich are doing so well under other MMOs, because it pretty much shows you that the people do want good MMOs. People want to watch good MMOs and people want to play good MMOs. I just hope everyone stops playing WoW. Just stop playing. If you’re playing WoW, like, just stop. Go play Final Fantasy or something. They will only learn once their entire player base is gone. It’s the only way.”



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