Nmplol & Malena Stop Cooking Streams

During a recent live broadcast, twitch streamers Nick Polom aka Nmplol and his partner Malena told their viewers that they will be stopping their legendary cooking streams.

Nmplol is now one of the popular streamers on twitch having risen in popularity earlier this year. His channel saw its growth with over 600k followers at the start of the year and now he is fast approaching the 900k follower mark.

A huge part of his success was because of his cooking streams together with his partner Malena. Cooking streams had become such an iconic part of Nick’s channel over the past year. They also often involve other big streamers on the platform including xQc, Sodapoppin, Ludwig and more.

However, it seems like Nmplol and Malena are stopping their cooking streams after they said that it was attracting the wrong kinds of viewers. During Nmplol and Malena’s July 17th twitch stream while they were playing on the OfflineTV rust server, Nmplol and Malena went on to announce that they would no longer be doing their legendary cooking streams despite the viewers that they manage to pull in on these streams.

Nmplol explains the reason as he stated; “We’ve decided to no longer do Just Chatting. It might be way more viewers, but they’re just so ill, and I just don’t need it. So we’re just gonna be playing games: this, Apex. No more cooking, no.” Nmplol partner Malena further backs him up as she added; “After all the sh*t we’ve dealt with recently, we don’t want the viewers.”

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