NRG Ronaldo Tweets xQc

Twitch recently had a major data leak that exposed the profits of many of its most prominent streamers. The hack also released portions of the source code, but the compensation information has piqued the public’s interest. Some of the most popular streamers on the platform include Tfue, CriticalRole, NICKMERCS, TimTheTatman, and xQc. 

CriticalRole, according to the leaks, is Twitch’s highest-paid streamer, earning $9.6 million in the last two years. xQcOW is right behind him, with $8.4 million in earnings. That statistic astounds many individuals, including Fortnite pro NRG Ronaldo. 

NRG Ronaldo, a Fortnite pro, was quick to try to get his foot in the door. “I’ll be your dog,” he tweeted among many other roles he would be willing to play in order to work for xQcOW. Professional Fortnite is lucrative, but not quite as lucrative as xQc’s Twitch career.

The reaction to Ronaldo’s post was generally mixed. In the comments, some Twitter users criticized him, while others made jokes and expressed their support. Many users mocked his desperation by posting his own remarks back to him. 

xQc, who isn’t particularly active on Twitter, has yet to answer to Ronaldo’s offer, so it appears that he’ll have to stick playing Fortnite to make ends meet. For the time being, Ronaldo will have to continue establishing his brand and making progress in order to reach xQc’s level, as his frantic plea appears to have gone unheeded. 

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