NRG_Hamlinz’s Gaming Setup and Streaming Gear

NRG_Hamlinz started playing and streaming Fortnite in December 2017. He was able to quickly prove his worth in scrims and leaderboards despite a handicap of two months. He was therefore already. In February 2018, he was invited to join TSM’s Fortniteteam. He has maintained his momentum through the years thanks to his amazing mechanical skills, teamwork and engagement with streamers. Logitech sponsors him, and the rest of TSM. However, it’s worth taking a look at the gaming gear in NRG_Hamlinz.


NRG_Hamlinz uses the Logitech G703 lightspeed mouse. It is right-handed and integrates an optical sensor, Hero 16K PMW3366. The sensor can track at 1:1 speed with an acceleration up to 40G and a speed of 400+IPS. The sensor has 100-16,000 dpi sensitivity and reports at 1 ms. You can set up up to 4 settings on the dpi button. The thumb-side macro keys store up to 5 profiles. You can program these settings as well as those for RGB using the Logitech G hub software.

The USB charging cable is 1.8m long (70.8″) and can be used with the Logitech Powerplay mousepad. The dimensions are 12.4×6-8×4.3cm (2.88×2.67×1.69″), and the weight is 107g (3.77oz.). Compatible with macOS 10.11 and Windows 7

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NRG_Hamlinz uses Logitech G Pro keys. It has a tenkeyless wired design and a mini-USB cable measuring 1.8m (70.8″) in length. The chassis of the keyboard is solid plastic. It uses Romer G keys and GX Blue switches for “25 percent faster activation than traditional mechanical switches.” These switches are designed to last up to 70,000,000 keystrokes.

LIGHTSYNC RGB capability, along with a USB pass through slot are some of the other features. It measures 3.4×36.1×15.3cm (14.9×1.97×6.3”) and weighs 1.32kg (2.9lbs). This device is compatible with macOS 10.11 or higher, and Windows 7 or above.

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NRG_Hamlinz is using a Logitech Pro headset. The headset features a wired over-ear design and Hybrid mesh ProG drivers with neodymium magnetics. They have a frequency range of 20 to 20,000Hz, an impedance 32Ohms, and a sensitivity of 1KHz of 107dB. The SPL is 30mW/1cm. Their soft, leatherette earpads offer noise isolation up to 16dB.

It is made of TR90 nylon and has a steel slider. The earcups are fitted with polycarbonate pivots and a pair of polycarbonate pivots. The 4mm condenser microphone, which is detachable, unidirectional and flexible, can be detached. The frequency range for the microphone is between 100 and 10, 000Hz. It also has pop-filters. Some users find it a little too quiet. You might consider listening to some sample videos.

It also includes a pair microsuede earrings pads that can be swapped for leatherette if desired. The cord is detachable at 2m (78.74″) and has an integrated volume control and mute box.

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NRG_Hamlinz uses the Blue Yeti mic. This microphone can be used in a variety of polar patterns including unidirectional and stereo. The microphone has a frequency range between 20 and 20,000 Hz. It also features a 16 Ohm nominal impedance, a signal to noise ratio of 120dB1 kHz @ 1Pa.

The desk-stand is removable and must be maintained upright to function properly. It has a base with a pattern direction switch and sensitivity control. There is also mute, volume, and mute buttons. This is a good choice if you are just getting started. However, there are some users that recommend purchasing a boom arm separately.

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NRG_Hamlinz uses the Logitech C922 Webcam. Another useful piece is the Logitech C922. This is an easy-to-clip-on, plug-and-play USB camera that you can attach to any flat screen and boom arm. This webcam is great for gaming or chatting and can be clipped to any flat screen or boom arm. It’s also used by HusKerrs and the x2Twins.

The webcam can capture at 1920x1080p HD at 30fps, or at 720p HD at 60fps. It also has a field view of up to 72deg. The webcam software allows you to adjust this setting. This webcam is compatible with Windows 7 or higher, and Mac OS 10.10 or later.

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NRG_Hamlinz started playing and streaming Fortnite in December 2017. He was able to quickly prove his worth in scrims and leaderboards despite a handicap of two months. He was therefore already at the top of the game by February 2018, when he was invited to join T

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