NymN Offers Suggestion For xQc’s Trash Collection

During his most recent stream, Swedish streamer Elias “NymN” Mlayeh discussed xQc‘s trash issue. On his subreddit, NymN was going through post submissions when he came across a photo of xQc’s disorganized bedroom.

NymN’s solution was to approach the problem in a novel way. He suggested treating xQc like a toddler and turning the chore of cleaning up into a game. The Twitch chat was amused by his hilarious advice.

While reviewing post submissions on his Reddit, NymN came across the image. It showed a room with trash strewn across the floor and on the bed. Mlayeh blurted out, recognizing it as xQc’s streaming background.

xQc’s room has become infamous for its perpetual state of disarray. Mlayeh proposed a solution to the garbage problem. Rather than putting pressure on xQc to clean, Mlayeh suggested approaching him as if he were a child.

NymN went on to say that buying a large trash bin with a large target on it would be a good idea. He hilariously explained that the target’s purpose was to create a point system, essentially turning cleaning into a game.

He then imitated xQc, giving his viewers a fully immersive experience of scenes that would occur if xQc followed his advice.

Mlayeh’s recreation of the scenario made his audience laugh. He finished up by describing how putting trash in the bin could be turned into a point-scoring activity.

On his Twitch chat, a viewer suggested that Mlayeh purchase the trash bin for xQc. He requested the latter’s PO Box, appearing to be on board with the idea.

Viewers appeared to agree with Mlayeh’s sentiment as the video of his innovative idea began to circulate. Others discussed how xQc would continue to avoid cleaning up while others elaborated on the idea.

NymN’s portrayal of xQc was also well-received.

NymN is a well-known Twitch streamer who is known for his gameplay and reaction videos. He also hosts a yearly awards show called ‘NymN’s New Year’s Show,’ in which he awards prizes for Best Streamer of the Year, Best Clip of the Year, and other categories.

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