Odablock Loses it: Lag Ruins Old School RuneScape Tournament

Mid-game server lag, or any other technical faults for that matter, is never easy to cope with, and it’s probably the most aggravating difficulty to face. While it can be irritating in casual gaming, it can be considerably more so while competing professionally, as popular Old School RuneScape streamer Odablock recently discovered.

Twitch streamer Odablock made his way through the event, which had a $32,000 prize pool and in-game goodies on the line, when everything came to a halt due to the interruption.

The stakes were high for him on September 17th, as he made it all the way to the cash finals after three weeks of preparation for the rigorous tournament, where he came so close to being proclaimed the Deadman: Reborn winner. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned for the streamer, as server lag disrupted the game, causing Odablock to lose because his attack didn’t register. With a $20,000 first-place prize on the line, he lost his cool after rewatching his final moments in the competition to discover what went wrong, and the reaction was priceless.

He exclaimed; “Look they know it’s lagging, ‘when it registers’, what the f**k look how laggy it is, the hit didn’t even spawn. I can’t do this today, I can’t do this today bro. I spent too long, I spent three weeks waiting for this. I did 14-hours, 16-hours every single day, I skipped the gym for this sh*t, I lost 10lbs for this sh*t, dammit. Fix your game, you f**king dog sh*t company.”

Twitch streamer Odablock was understandably enraged by the server lag, which resulted in his death in-game, costing him $20,000 in prize money. The server slowdown was caused by a DDoS attempt, according to OSRS developers Jagex.

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