Of course there’s a Game of Thrones reference in Elden Ring

Elden Ring releases today, meaning fans can finally immerse themselves in the latest dark fantasy world created by FromSoftware, the studio that gives us games like dark souls and bloodborne† Naturally, Elden Ring is noteworthy for us here at WinterIsComing for another reason: A song of ice and fire author George RR Martin helped write the lore.

Martin has said in the past that his involvement was limited to world building and that he transferred his work to FromSoftware years ago… some kind of Game of Thrones Easter egg in the game, right? And lo and behold, there it is.

Image: Elden Ring/Van Software

There is a Game of Thrones easter egg in it Elden Ring

When you consider how many remarkable weapons are in it? A song of ice and fire, it should come as no surprise that the Easter egg in question is a sword. The “Grafted Blade Greatsword” is… well, it’s a greatsword. gamepur has written a handy guide to getting the weapon, which requires you to go to a location called Castle Morne and fight a rather ferocious boss.

What makes this Grafted Blade Greatsword one? Game of Thrones references, it’s all in the blade…or rather the blades, as the sword is actually made up of a number of smaller swords all grafted onto each other. It has a similar appearance to the Iron Throne, and the accompanying text helps drive the parallel house:

The legendary sword of Castle Morne. An avenger’s weapon, it is laden with oceans of anger and regret. One of the legendary weapons.

A lone surviving champion from a land now gone was so determined to keep on fighting that he claimed the swords of an entire clan of warriors.

Could that long gone country have started with a “W”?

Video games often do these types of Easter eggs. We don’t expect a deep story dive that actually connects Westeros to the world of Elden Ring or something. But it’s still cool to see the nod to Martin’s work.

Elden Ring is now available, so you can get this Iron Throne themed knife for yourself.

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