Official Valve Tournaments CS:GO Drop

Tournaments in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are exciting, and the possibility of a fancy souvenir drop only adds to the excitement.

Players who are new to CSGO tournaments now that LAN events have returned may be disappointed if they do not receive souvenir cases. They used to be given out at random to players watching from home, but Valve has switched to a different method of distributing souvenir drops. This guide will show players how to use the new system to get guaranteed CSGO tournament drops.

Valve creates a commemorative digital coin for each CSGO Major event. Pick’Ems and official tournament stats are available to players who purchase the coin.

Players can also use their Pick’Ems points to claim custom souvenir packages, though fans can also buy points directly.

CSGO fans will no longer be able to obtain drops simply by watching Majors on Twitch under the new system. They must pay for them in some way, either by purchasing the coin or directly purchasing points. On the plus side, players won’t have to rely on randomized drops during tournaments because they’ll know exactly what they’ll get. At the next Valve-sponsored CSGO Major, all of the new skins added in Operation Riptide should be available for certain maps.

To open and remove CSGO tournament drop cases from the map they were dropped from, no key is required. Souvenir case skins come with a bunch of stickers commemorating the event and match in which they were dropped, in addition to a nice new gun skin. The logos of both teams, the tournament sticker, and a signature from one of the competing players are usually included.

Souvenir cases have slightly different odds than standard cases. The red coverts are extremely rare, with odds similar to unboxing a knife, because they have additional rarities below blue mil-spec. With that in mind, blue and purple skins should be considered when creating custom CSGO tournament drops.

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