Onur Confrontation At 2021 Valorant Championships

The former head coach of KRU Esports Rodrigo Dalmagro AKA “Onur” allegedly got into an altercation with security at the 2021 Valorant Champions tournament in Berlin.

When Onur’s contract expired on December 15th, he left KRU shortly after Champions. Since then, he’s been in talks with LOUD about coaching their Valorant team in 2022.

Last January 2nd, the organization withdrew due to a vaccine controversy. It has now been reported that he attempted to fight security personnel enforcing quarantine at the 2021 Champions tournament.

MitchMan, the host of the Valorant podcast Valoranting, said on the Valorant podcast Valoranting that tournament organizers had to put security by his door. As Mitch previously stated, there is no official source claiming this occurred, but it does coincide with the circumstances that led to the LOUD deal falling through a few weeks later.

Onur has stated that he is not anti-vaccine, but that he opposes the idea of vaccine passports and that he is “willing to lose a job to be consistent” in his beliefs.

After all of this, it remains to be seen where Onur will end up in 2022. It will be interesting to see where LOUD goes now that he has backed out and this story has surfaced.

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