OrcRun: 10K Race

In a unique twist on the Twitch charity stream, A popular Twitch streamer ‘OrcRun’ donned a full set of Lord of the Rings armor and hit the ground running on his way to a full 10k race completion.

Charity streams are frequently regarded as one of Twitch’s best features, with content creators large and small finding creative ways to entertain their audiences while also contributing to a good cause.

The streaming space is filled with people working for good causes, with some creators venturing into the great outdoors, others holding incentivized subathons, and some, like the massive Jimmy ‘Mr Beast’ Donaldson, creating entire charities.

Twitch and Reddit streamer ‘OrcRun‘ donned his signature armor set, but instead of adventuring into the wilderness, he took his followers on a fun run-along as he completed a 10k race while raising money for charity.

On September 19th, the content creator (who is known for running while dressed in full Lord of the Rings armor) launched a Twitch stream and began a grueling 10k race — all while wearing his signature armor set.

OrcRun plowed his way through the six-plus mile course, using a mobile camera and broadcasting system, with viewers donating money to his charity goal along the way.

Finally, the streamer completed his running mission and exceeded the charity goal he set out to achieve by the end of his stream after nearly 54 minutes (not bad, according to average 10k paces).

After finally catching his breath, he exclaimed; “Holy s**t guys, I see the [donations], that’s insane. Damn, guys, we scored.”

When one viewer asked how he survived the ordeal, he admitted it wasn’t easy: “Yeah, near the end there, I couldn’t breathe.” My arm started to fall off about 3k in, holy s**t, that was insane.”

We’ve seen a lot of charity streams before, and there will undoubtedly be more in the future, but OrcRun’s exciting and unique take on the traditional charity format drew a lot of attention and donations for a good cause.

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