Overwatch League Has Co-Streaming Concerns

Overwatch League just announced community streaming will now be possible on selected match days. On Thursday, May 5, the first day of this co-streaming will begin in North America. It will be easier for viewers to communicate with each other in their streams. This is a good development but it does raise some questions.

Any streamer who wishes to share their stream with Overwatch League must meet a few conditions. The most crucial requirement is that co-streaming takes place on YouTube. The Seoul Dynasty had co-streams on YouTube last year. However, they only were available to the team channel. The co-stream was created by Twitch streamers.

Twitch remains one of the most well-known streaming platforms, and many prominent content creators use it or have exclusive rights. Twitch affiliates aren’t allowed to stream live to other platforms. This means that Twitch affiliates cannot live stream to other platforms if their entire audience is already on Twitch. They will have to change over or risk losing viewers.

These co-streamers won’t be allowed to display advertisements in the stream. This will effectively prevent them from making any advertising revenue. The creators may lose a lot of money due to the Overwatch League’s length. This is a fantastic opportunity to create a community.

If the creator of content is not on YouTube regularly, they will need to create a Twitch or other social media account on another platform to build a following.

It’s natural for the Overwatch League to want other co-streams. Talents and casters who were not working in that match would do a costream, with the screen hiding in the past. Twitch has seen this almost every single time. These new rules will be fascinating to observe how they affect whether content creators decide to stream the Overwatch League.

Co-stream schedules listed which matches were included in the co-streaming community event. Los Angeles Gladiators were defeated by the New York XL, while the San Francisco Shock faced off against the Paris Eternal. The Florida Mayhem was up against the Atlanta Reign. All three of these matches take place in North America. This is all fine and well, however it overlooks half the league.

There will not be any Overwatch League costreams to stream the APAC matches. A lot of Overwatch League players are streaming, so a costream might have brought in many viewers.

Daehoon Runner Yoon, also known as “Runner”, is a person whose streams attract thousands of viewers every day. Even if it’s just chatting. Because of Runaway’s connection to him and his community reputation, he is a great candidate for co-streaming.

Another example of how the Overwatch League ignores a large portion of its game is this. More Korean streamers prefer Twitch and even Afreeca over YouTube. This is logical but excludes large audiences who may want to watch the streams together.

While this is not to suggest that APAC content creators won’t be able or willing to stream the Overwatch League, given the North American time of the games as well as the demand that it be available on YouTube, it is likely that the Overwatch League won’t attract the anticipated numbers.

The platform restrictions and the fact that only North American matches will be featured on the first day of co-streaming raise alarming questions. This pilot program will experience some learning curves while it tries to figure out the best way to support both the community and league. The league plans to make an effort to incorporate the APAC region into their plans, but the community will be heard.

Content creators or streamers who are interested in co-streaming with Overwatch League can complete this form.



The Overwatch League has announced that on selected match days, content creators will be able to stream matches together. This should make it easier for viewers to communicate with each other in their streams, but there are some issues which content creators will have to work around. For example, Twitch affiliates cannot live stream to

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