PayPal Terminates Froste Account

Froste, a former member of 100 Thieves, raised thousands of dollars for Gamers outreach, far exceeding his $50,000 goal. PayPal has blocked Froste’s account and shut down everything, according to his lawsuit.

Charity streams and large donations are a common feature on witch streaming site. Each decently-sized creator who creates one sees a member contribute thousands of dollars. The majority of these donations are real, while a few are fake.

These funds can quickly add up to millions, or hundreds of thousands of dollars, flowing to people in dire need.

Froste, an ex-member of 100 Thieves, raised $50,000 in 72 hours during his charity subathon. He was so happy that he could laugh all the way to Gamers Outreach.

The generosity of one donor enabled it to take off. Froste has now over $150,000 in his account, thanks to the $95,000 donation from a “kind donor.” Paypal however, didn’t agree and blocked the account of the creator for breaking the company’s terms.

Froste felt crushed by the actions of the company and planned to sue.

Recenty, a generous donor gave me $95,000. He tweeted, “Why is my PayPal account suddenly blocked? It has $64,000.”

My lawyer will certainly do the same if you don’t send me a private note by Sunday night.

He threatened to sue them if they didn’t revoke their ban after receiving a reply from PayPal.

Froste has placed the current balance in her account for 180 days. This is to minimize any loss due to chargebacks or disputes that might be made during this period.

After 180 days, he can withdraw the money, but not acquire Paypal. This is critical for streamers who are involved in large-scale charity fundraising campaigns.

It will be fascinating to see if Froste takes this case to court.

His subathon has been a success for the moment, and Gamers Outreach received almost $100,000 (minus $95,000) in donations. There are still two weeks left.



One of Froste’s largest donors, a “kind donor,” gave him $95,000 for his charity stream (which was used for Gamers Outreach). However, a PayPal account which matched the name of this generous donor was blocked by the company after Froste’s stream. Froste feels

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