Pestily Overtakes Big Name Streamers

Paul Licari, aka Pestily, a Twitch streamer who was formerly an Australian soldier has reached another milestone. He recently overtook NICKMERCS and Tfue in all time subscriptions on the platform. This is his 50th day subathon.

Pestily started streaming Twitch in October 2017. This was around the same time that he left the Army. He had been an infantryman for eighteen years. Pestily felt the urge to change his life and took three months off to explore Twitch streaming.

Pestily is the latest person to embrace the subathon trend, which has become very popular after Ludwig Ahgren’s stream broke some Twitch records. Pestily is currently participating in a subathon that is ongoing for 50 days. It began on June 30th. He now has a complete month of live racing, and he is now in the history books at Tfue and NICKMERCS.

Pestily is currently the 7th most subscribed Twitch streamer, with 81.836 subscribers. This puts him above other streaming celebrities like Anomaly, with 70.420 subs, and Tfue, with 69.586 subs. Pestily expressed his gratitude to his followers and fans on twitter for their support throughout his Subathon stream. Pestily wrote, “What an amazing ride!” There are only 20 days left! We’ll see what other random crap we can accomplish from this point. Thank you so much for the amazing experience!

Pestily is a big Twitch player and his stream has him just 728 subs away from xQc, who currently holds the high-water mark of 82.564 subscribers. Pestily said that his subathon was “already so amazing” and that he did not want to set new targets. He said, “I don’t intend to put that up.” We don’t have to forcibly do anything.


How much money does Pestily make from Twitch? Pestily makes an estimated $105,000 per month from streaming on Twitch.17-Aug-2021

In total, Sykkuno makes an estimated $158,000 USD per month from his Twitch and YouTube channels. The majority of his monthly income ($105,000) comes from Twitch subscribers.20-Jan-2022

So far, Pestily has hosted 12 PC giveaways as part of the event, which is also one of the reasons for the surge in subscribers. At the end of June, Pestily had no more than 17,642 subscribers. He has gained almost 50k subs since the beginning of July.23-Jul-2021

Name Paul
—————- ————————-
Country of Birth Australia
Birthday November 7, 1987 (age 34)

How much money does Pestily make per month? In total, Pestily makes an estimated $119,000 per month from streaming on witch and uploading highlights to YouTube. Of course, Pestily has income sources that are not included in this calculation such as sponsorships and merch.17-Aug-2021

According to Twitch Tracker, xQc has about 83,565 subscribers on average. Fun fact: 46.4% of xQc’s subscribers are Twitch Prime Subs. Considering he makes at least $3.50 per subscriber, we estimate that xQc makes $292,477 USD per month from subscribers on Twitch.14-Mar-2022


“Pestily” is a Twitch streamer who recently achieved another milestone, overtaking NickMercs and Tfue in total time subscribed. This has been accomplished through the use of a “subathon.” A subathon is when someone streams for a certain number of consecutive days and the goal

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