PewDiePie Discusses Minecraft Return

One of the most popular Youtube personalities Felix Kjellberg aka PewDiePie was a big part of Minecraft‘s recent popularity surge, but it looks like he’ll be taking a break from the sandbox game for a while, and fans are hoping for a comeback.

PewDiePie is the most popular independent content creator on YouTube. Despite the fact that he has played a plethora of games over the course of his decade-long career as an influencer, he is best known for his horror game playthroughs, which he has now expanded to include anything that interests him.

Minecraft, an enormously popular, creative sandbox-type game that has become one of the internet’s favorite diversions, is one of Pewds favorite games.

This wasn’t always the case, though. PewDiePie, in particular, was crucial in revitalizing the game in 2019, creating an incredibly successful video series documenting his exploits, which included building a “giant Swedish meatball” and broadcasting a 12-hour hardcore-mode stream, among other things.

Pewds has returned and taken breaks from the game several times since his Minecraft fever peak in 2019-2020, and fans are clamoring for him to return now more than ever.

After seeing a Reddit post mocking his continual back-and-forth relationship with Minecraft, PewDiePie reacted to the uproar in a video posted on September 23, 2021.

Here’s what he stated; “Bruh, am I just supposed to play every game forever? Guys, you need to let things go! If you guys were an entity, or a person, you’d have severe separation anxiety. You understand that, right? I can’t make things last forever! I’m sorry! The beauty of life is not binding yourself to things. Have freedom to explore new things! Go out there, try different things. I’m doing it. Yeah!”

While it’s evident that Kjellberg was making light of the situation, fans of his Minecraft videos have been waiting for him to return for a long time. They’ll have to wait indefinitely — or, as PewDiePie suggested, play different games in the meanwhile.

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