PewDiePie Intends To Dominate YouTube

In this day and age, every streaming and video platform thrives because of its audience. And YouTube, as well as its content creators, are no exception. Every YouTuber wishes and aspires to have the most viewed videos and to be on the platform’s trending list. PewDiePie, everyone’s favorite Swede and the undisputed leader of the charts in terms of individual subscribers, is no exception.

For years, the YouTuber had the most subscribed channel, thanks to his hilarious gaming videos and willingness to do anything for views, including “EATING A SCORPION!”

Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg is well-known for his wide range of content, which includes gaming, comedy, rating/reviewing, and much more. ‘5 Weird Stuff Online,’ on the other hand, was a classic. The YouTuber eats the craziest food in the world in a video from the fan-favorite series, which was first uploaded in 2016. And it isn’t always even food!

PewDiePie finally gets to the scorpion and tries to finish the final course of his five-course meal after trying four of them. The scorpions, by far, were the worst. Grasshoppers and other critters would seem to have prepared him for the ultimate battle. Sadly, this was not the case for Felix.

PewDiePie, as expected, was disgusted after trying the first of the two and guzzled it down with a glass of water. Surprisingly, he sticks to his task, which is the “fine dining experience.”

Did you know that if you’re a big PewDiePie fan, he used to call himself a Maverick? Yes, he declared himself a Maverick while revealing that he no longer dislikes Logan Paul, the YouTube sensation.

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