PewDiePie’s Huge Discovery

Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg is a Swedish Youtuber who discovered recently that large amounts of Antarctica remain unclaimed. He’s willing to give it up.

Felix used to joke about Norway and his hatred for it for many years. When he found out that an adversary claimed Antarctica, and there was still land unclaimed nearby, Felix decided that it belonged to him.

PewDiePie may have thought that Antarctica was a joke when he declared: “I’m just gonna tell everybody it’s mine.” But many people in his network jumped at the opportunity to support him and spread the word via social media.

Pewds stated to his YouTube viewers, in his September 13, 2013 video with the title “WHY I’M TAKING OVER ANTARCTICA”, that Norway has a portion of Antarctica and that he plans to attempt to seize the remaining territory.

PewDiePie grumbled as he tried to find instructions for how to file a claim. “I’m going to just tell everybody it’s mine,” PewDiepie said as he searched for instructions on how to file a claim. Members of the Floor Gang took to social media to share the news that Pewdiepie, the Swedish content creator, has overtaken Antarctica.

It was a powerful point of influence for the community when a fan included the signature wave pattern of the creator and added his name to Wikipedia’s map of claimed territories. Reddit was filled with memes, such as one that showed children on PewDiePie’s Antarctica property.

Although it’s unlikely that the creator will legally claim the land, many on /r/PewDiePieSubmissions believe it’s merely a well-executed meme.

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