Pokemon TCG Player Disqualified

A Pokemon TCG player was recently disqualified from the tournament after someone complained that the player’s mother was giving them tips.

If you still believe Pokemon cards died out in the early 2000s, you’re mistaken. The TCG has remained near the top of The Pokemon Company’s priority list, and it has been celebrated just as much as other branches of the larger Pokemon franchise to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the growing collection of monsters.

According to Gfinity, this is what happened to Luke ‘Celio’s Network’ Morsa during the Pokémon Online Global Championships 2021. Celio’s Network had made it to day two of the tournament, and the last 16, when they were abruptly ejected. Celio’s Network’s mother had been in the same room with them while they were playing, chatting about what was going on.

However, the conversation between the two wasn’t about what’s for dinner or how often Celio’s Network cleans or doesn’t clean their room. Their mother is a die-hard Pokemon TCG fan who was eliminated from the same tournament. Celio’s Network appears to have been reported for their mother informing them of the cards their opponent had pulled after they had missed it because it wasn’t recorded in the game’s log.

Celio’s Network has since stated that even if their mother wasn’t present to inform them of the missing cards, someone in the chat would have done so. Celio’s Network also chose to stream the tournament on Twitch. When you play, you don’t have to be on camera, which means that anyone who isn’t live-streaming their matches could have a room full of Pokemon card-playing moms telling them what to do.

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