Pokimane: $80 Million Hoax

On numerous occasions, Twitch Streamer Pokimane wowed the internet but the top of the list remains the ‘Pokimane $80 million donation’.

Imane Anys AKA Pokimane is currently one of the most popular streamers in the community. On her streams, she also portrays a very sociable and cute personality, which has earned her a large following. Pokimane’s army of simps is also quite large.

Pokimane, dubbed the “queen of simps,” allegedly received a $80 million donation on her Twitch channel in mid-2020. Simp Donates $80 Million to Pokimane, a video of the same, quickly went viral on the internet.

When you watch the original video, you’ll notice that it’s just a meme aimed at Pokimane’s simp army, who have frequently donated large sums to their favorite streamer.

When fellow streamer CallMeCarson stole a diary from Pokimane’s room, the original clip of her making a shocked face and running out of her room occurred. Bryan Cranston, in his iconic role as Walter White from Breaking Bad, says his famous words: “Say my name” in the Pokimane $80 million donation video.

This is a clear dig at the Pokimane Simp, who frequently donated large sums just to get the streamer’s attention and have her say their name out loud. The incident also sparked a slew of memes about the habit.

Pokimane has previously addressed the issue of large donations on her stream, and has now set a $5 donation cap on her channel, encouraging fans to donate to smaller streamers in need.

Pokimane’s original $80 million donation video has now received over 10 million views, and it drew the attention of Pokimane herself, who reacted to it on her livestream. When she saw the video, the streamer was in tears.

As the streamer herself pointed out, the editing of the Pokimane $80 million donation video, as well as the background music, all came together beautifully, resulting in a hilarious video that split the streaming community.

The video was so well-received that it spawned its own sequel, in which Walter “King of Simps” White broke into Pokimane’s home.

Walter White didn’t seem to appreciate Pokimane’s laughter at his $80 million donation.

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