Pokimane Achieves Immortal Level

One of the popular female Twitch streamers Imane Anys, also known as Pokimane Achieves Immortal Status in Valorant and Offers Advice to Valorant Ranked Players: Twitch is a trending topic on the internet right now. After taking a break, she resumed streaming valorant. She returned on September 7th. She has even admitted to being hooked on the Valorant game.

Imane Pokimane Anys is a social media content creator who works online. She works as a live video streamer. She basically streams on Twitch on a regular basis. She has over 8.2 million Twitch followers and nearly 7 million YouTube subscribers. For years, Pokimane has been streaming Valorant. She’s gotten to the Diamond level three times now. Pokimane finally achieves immortality in Valorant after reaching Diamond three times. Pokimane also expressed how she felt after obtaining the feet. He stated that she was overjoyed and pleased with herself.

She is extremely enthusiastic about online video games. She did, however, offer some advice to the players. Pokimane also shared her kovaak routine with anyone interested in improving. Let’s take a look at some of the valo advice she provided.

Pokimane has provided a list with all of the tips listed one by one. She has provided five specific recommendations to help players improve their gameplay and progress to the immortal stage. She also mentioned Kovaak’s pre-game routine for the players. She even suggested a video for the gamers to watch; IMPORTANT: NO BS: HOW I GOT TO IMMORTAL LEVEL IN ONE MONTH.

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