Pokimane Addressed Issue Involving “Inappropriate” Clips

Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys has been embroiled in controversy after facing online harassment from Jidion’s community. She recently took a shot at Twitch viewers for “inappropriately” editing her old clips to malign her image, determined to put an end to the hate.

People began abusing Pokimane after she was banned from Twitch for two days for violating DMCA claims. This peaked after she was subjected to an online hate campaign by Jidion’s community. Furthermore, troublemakers continued to harass and troll her on social media, which she later revealed publicly. She was also threatened with legal action after Ninja, a popular Fortnite player, was involved in the debate.

Meanwhile, old video clips of the streamer circulated online, fueling rumors that she was using drugs and using racial slurs.

Pokimane explained in a recent livestream how some of her haters were combining parts of her old video clips, such as moments of her sticking her tongue out or showing aggression after a bad game, to make her appear “inappropriately” sexual.

The Moroccan-Canadian streamer drew attention to viewers’ irresponsible behavior in using these clips to justify their prejudice against her. Throughout this ordeal, her devoted fans and well-wishers haven’t left her feeling alone, constantly supporting her in her efforts to get her out of it.

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