Pokimane And Kevin Dating Rumors

Imane “Pokimane” had a guest named Kevin stay with her in recent months and collaborate with her across several streams. Many have assumed that he and Pokimane are dating after the chat quickly fell in love with the collaborator.

Imane is always quick to keep her personal life just that: personal, and the two insist that they are not a couple. She remained tight-lipped about her personal life, but their chemistry sparked dating rumors.

The two are still streaming together, but it is becoming less common.

It’s not uncommon for Imane to collaborate with other male streamers, and they often have great chemistry. Kevin showed up around the end of December, and the two were hanging out and chatting with other users.

The way the two talked and interacted quickly sparked rumors that they were dating. Despite her October tweet that she was “single btw,” rumors about the streamer continue to circulate.

Almost every video of the two together has been flooded with comments about how adorable they are together and how glad viewers are that Pokimane appears to be happy with the person she is allegedly dating.

In one clip, the streamers were asked if they thought it was annoying when they were asked if they were dating someone. Poki made an uncomfortable and awkward face when Kevin asked if they were dating.

He’d laugh and say he was joking, which would make her laugh as well. Even their chat was convinced that the two were dating, given the awkwardness with which she stammered into her response about her dating life and how well the two worked together on camera.

Thousands of viewers and YouTube commenters have already concluded that the two are dating. Despite the fact that the two only hang out on Poki’s stream and chat, every comment section is rife with insinuations that the two are dating.

After a few days of watching Pokimane’s streams, a clip of Kevin saying goodbye to her appeared. It was an emotional moment, and the streamer’s chat was filled with love for Kevin, and even the comments section of that clip was full of speculation that they were dating.

Despite the fact that the streamer said he was leaving Pokimane “FOREVER,” he said he would return.

Kevin hasn’t completely vanished from Poki’s streams, but he doesn’t appear as frequently as he did at first. Kevin appeared out of nowhere during a GTA RP stream 10 days ago, and it was the last time the two were seen together on a stream.

To finish her stream, the two would chat for a while, and everything seemed amicable and friendly as usual. On-stream, the two content creators appeared to have instant chemistry, but Kevin’s appearances may have decreased due to the constant talk of the two dating.

Compilation videos of the two being shipped together can be found on YouTube in the dozens, if not hundreds. YouTubers compile videos of the two together in situations that make it appear as if they are dating.

Pokimane and Kevin have not made it clear on social media that they are a couple, despite the fact that social media appears to be 100 percent convinced. Though their collaboration streams on Poki’s Twitch channel have slowed, they haven’t completely stopped.

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