Pokimane and WillNeff’s Twitch

Twitch streamer Imane Anys aka Pokimane shares her thoughts about the recent WillNeff Twitch ban drama as she stated that it was OfflineTV’s fault.

Earlier on July 17th, WillNeff was handed a twitch ban due to his interaction with Mr Wobbles, who received a ban from the platform three years ago for lashing out at someone who was harassing him.

After Mr Wobbles emotionally apologized to WillNeff as he felt responsible for his ban, they both decided to appeal Mr Wobbles’ ban. The appeal was successful as Mr Wobbles is now unbanned from the platform after three years of being permabanned. While Mr Wobbles feels responsible for WillNeff’s ban, Pokimane seemed to believe otherwise.

Pokimane believes that the onus of the ban rests on OfflineTv for allowing a banned streamer to be a part of their server, implying that it puts every other streamer at risk. She also questioned why WillNeff is the only streamer who got banned while she believes that many other twitch streamers also encountered Mr Wobbles on the server.

Here’s what she said; “Why is that guy on our Rust server? Because that’s a walking liability to have a banned streamer. That puts everybody in breach of the terms and conditions. Secondly, why did they only ban Will? Was he the one that hung out with the guy the most? I’d assume not.” Pokimane is one of many streamers who claimed the ban was undeserved. The consensus is that Twitch was quick to pull the trigger and needs to clarify the rules surrounding banned creators appearing on other streams.



100T Neff (@TheWillNeff) | Twitter.

Temporary suspensions range from one to 30 days. After the suspension is complete, you will be able to use our services once again. We keep a record of past violations, and multiple suspensions over time can lead to an indefinite suspension.

How Long Does It Take For Twitch To Review A Report? It is obvious how to follow some of the restrictions, so if Twitch is enforcing the restrictions, it will adhere to them closely. appeals process, which could take three weeks to resolve, but there are some advantages to that as well.23-Feb-2022


Twitch banned WillNeff for three years but Mr Wobbles was only temporarily banned by the platform. TheWillNeff showed that he can take responsibility and apologized to Mr Wobbles but got a permanent ban from the platform in response. Pokimane believes that Twitch should have allowed both of

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