Pokimane Asks To Be Slapped By Sykkuno

Twitch streamer Pokimane asked her friend and fellow content creator Sykkuno to slap her in a recent stream.

The American streamer was perplexed when he heard it. He did, however, consider it, with Pokimane even suggesting which type of slap she preferred.

Pokimane and Sykkuno were having a conversation before their teams competed in OfflineTV’s Holiday Charity Valorant Invitational. Pokimane mentioned that she was sleepy because it was getting close to bedtime during the conversation. She wanted to keep the stream going and asked a friend to help her.

She later stated that she needed to be slapped in the face to wake her up. Sykkuno was taken aback by this strange request and asked her if she didn’t mind being slapped by him.

Sykkuno then considered slapping her fellow streaming partner as a way of assisting her. If she wanted a light slap, he said he’d do it. Pokimane refuted the theory by demanding that he “go hard” with the slap so she could shake off the drowsiness.

Sykkuno insisted on starting slowly and gradually increasing the intensity so she wouldn’t get hurt. Pokimane knew exactly what she wanted from him and laughed off both her request and the analogy with her trademark smile, which her fans adore.

Pokimane caught Sykkuno off guard during their tournament interviews by revealing that he slapped her and that she would exact revenge in the game.

Sykkuno joked with his Team Lily teammates that they would definitely lose because of him “slapping” Pokimane. Team Lily and Sykkuno, pulled off an upset against the resurgent Team Pokimane.

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