Pokimane Love For Grocery Shopping

Aside from that, there were other April Fools Twitch categories with a slew of new streams.

Another new Twitch category is Pizza Time, in which a user by the name of PizzaPrincessG demonstrated her skills at making pizza from scratch in her New York restaurant.

The logo of the VOD and streaming video games company Twitch is seen in a photograph taken at the Tokyo Game Show on September 21, 2018 it turns out that streams in the Odd Jobs and Errands category aren’t exactly following Twitch’s original plan, which was for users to stream mundane tasks. Instead, some people are using it to stream games.

The 25-year-old took a day off from streaming and documented it in a vlog that went live on one of her alternate channels just moments ago. She went to the grocery store after sharing her morning routine and a quick breakfast.

After returning home with her purchases, the online starlet began discussing how her eating habits are affected by being a full-time streamer.

A clip of xQc showing his desk and surrounding area, which was littered with instant ramen cans and takeout packages, was also included in the video. This came after Pokimane attempted to explain the scope of the problem she was discussing to the audience.

The Moroccan-Canadian went on to describe the additional advantages of going to the grocery store.

During the pandemic, going out to get groceries was not an option, and streamers already spend a lot of time indoors. As a result, Pokimane attempted to demonstrate how satisfying it is to engage in a seemingly mundane activity. She ended with a general lament about how full-time streaming affects these creators’ lifestyles.

The internet sensation then showed off her grocery store purchases and how she planned to fit them into her hectic schedule. On days when she is not streaming, the video includes footage of her meeting friends from OfflineTV and her daily routine.

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