Pokimane Posts Heart-Breaking Twitter Post

After Pokimane’s heartbreaking tweet, “I Give Up”, Twitch streamer Pokimane received outpouring support from his fans.

Imane Anys, aka Pokimane, a Twitch streamer has spoken out about her struggle to balance creating content and personal life. She did this in a youtube video. Other streamers have also shared how exhausting streaming has made them feel, including Pokimane.

Pokimane is a happy personality. Her on-stream persona mirrors her behind the camera. It seems that she is not always cheerful. This could be due to the unfortunate chain of events. Pokimane shared her emotions in a recent tweet, mentioning how she’d had several weeks of disappointments and that instead of being optimistic, she chose to quit.

Let’s see what she had to say: “This week has been full of disappointments and, as someone who is always optimistic, I have to admit that I am giving up.”

Soon after Pokimane had tweeted the message, all of the support she received from everyone on the net began to pour in. Pokimane received support from her close friends, including Twitch streamer Adept. Adept responded to Pokimane’s tweet with some encouraging words. Pokimane was able to feel a little bit of light when she received thousands of replies and messages in just a matter of hours. Pokimane felt a lot better knowing that she has so many people to support her through her joy and trials.



Pokimane is very popular on Twitch and her fans can be considered her family. She is a happy personality and her on-stream persona mirrors behind the camera. She recently tweeted that she felt disappointed and quit instead of being optimistic. Her fans came to support her, which made her feel better.

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