Pokimane Said Something About Dating Fans

One of the most popular content creators on Twitch, Imane Anys AKA Pokimane recently claimed that she was open to dating a fan.

Pokimane’s relationship status is always observed by her fans and she has managed to keep her life private and separate her work and said that she wants her private life and work to be separated and not share every little detail of her life to everyone.

Recently, she was told by one of her fans during her recent Twitch stream saying that she shouldn’t date fans but she laughed off the idea and claimed that she is actually open to dating anyone but it depends upon the situation.

Pokimane was then criticized by a YouTuber called Optimus because of her recent statement and said that her statements were simply meant to garner more attention and donations from her viewers.

YouTuber Optimus criticized Pokimane saying that she was lying about the situation and said that Pokimane would never willingly date one of her fans and said that she didn’t explicitly express any desire to date and said that she just claimed to say that it only depended upon the situation and said that Pokimane just said that, so she can keep her viewers hopeful and interested. He also claimed that Pokimane was looking to boost hew viewers and donations and did not mean what she said.

Pokimane didn’t respond to the accusation of YouTuber Optimus and didn’t seem that she cares about it. Well, it is Pokimane’s life and she can only know what she wants and what she means, and many said that people like YouTuber Optimus can’t tell what she wants because he is not in her shoes and also, he is also a content creator who only wants to make content out of everything and wanted to make everything a drama.

Many Pokimane fans still believe that she is telling the truth but still, it depends. Now, Pokimane also somehow shared that she is single and it was also confirmed by her cousin during her stream last May.


Pokimane is a popular Twitch streamer and gamer who recently claimed that she was open to dating a fan. She has managed to keep her private life separate from her work and said that she wants her private and work lives to be separated. Recently, she was criticized by YouTuber Optimus claiming

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