Pokimane uses a voice changer to avoid sexism

Pokimane is one of Twitch’s most popular streamers, but she’s definitely not immune to online harassment.

Recently, Pokimane posted on Twitter saying that her brother hit immortal before her (referring to Valorant’s highest player ranking and went on to give another explanation saying that her biggest issue is that she don’t like to talk too much in-game (people are weird about me being a girl / being poki), which doesn’t work with being a Sova main because she don’t have a reliable duo to communicate on her behalf.

Fans reacted positively to her tweet, with one suggesting that she use a voice changer and she replied saying that she already tried that and that she sounded like a robot.

Of course, no one should have to alter their voice in order to play online games.

Pokimane’s remarks come just days after Riot Games, the creator of Valorant, announced the expansion of their esports program for women.

After launching the Valorant Game Changers tournament in February, they’ve now expanded to include League of Legends players in the League Championship Series Game Changers, with the goal of assisting women in entering professional esports leagues.

Pokimane isn’t the only female gamer who has been harassed online because of her gender; unfortunately, many Twitch streamers have been subjected to violent abuse.

However, there are efforts underway to change this.


Personal life. Pokimane is currently 22 years old and her first language is French.10-Feb-2022

As a result of her account’s rise on the platform in 2017, the Shorty Awards named her as the Best Twitch Streamer of the year. The Shorty Awards detailed that her gameplay and commentary on the popular game League of Legends propelled her to popularity on Twitch.

She has amassed over 8.3 million followers on Twitch, making her the biggest female streamer on the platform. Pokimane has previously revealed streamers earn around $10,000 per 3,000 subscribers, so it’s likely that she’s pulling in around $35,000 per month from her 9,500 subscribers alone.08-Feb-2022

Pokimane’s net worth is estimated to be between $2-3 million. The majority of her net worth comes from her content creation career on both Twitch and YouTube, with revenue sourced from donations, ads, sponsored streams, and sponsored deals.08-Feb-2022

Pokimane Is Using Voice Changer To Avoid Sexism.31-Aug-2021

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