Pokimane Workout Secrets

Pokimane is well-known for streaming a wide range of content, including games and ASMR, making her one of the streaming community’s most versatile members. While Imane Anys’ content is diverse, fans are often curious about what she does on a typical day when she is not streaming. The 25-year-old recently released a new video in which she discusses various aspects of her daily life.

On a day when Pokimane is not streaming, there’s a wholesome compilation of what she does. Every morning, the Twitch streamer gets dressed, eats a healthy breakfast, and begins her day by checking her social media accounts, emails, and playing games with her friends.

She begins her workout at the gym by running on a treadmill, then moves on to leg exercises, lifting weights, and performing squats.

In the vlog, she also watches ‘Worst Roommate Ever’ on Netflix and gives it a 7.5 out of 10 rating. Imane also shows her food to the fans, which includes broccoli, vegetables, and bread chicken. After working out, this is a very healthy diet choice!

Fans are encouraged to participate in a healthy lifestyle by streamers who share their workout and diet routines. For the fans who look up to these figures, this becomes a source of motivation.



Imane Anys is a popular and versatile streamer who has an active lifestyle that includes eating healthy and working out. Pokimane’s content can be a source of motivation to fans, with her workout routine being made public.

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