Pokimane’s Reacts To Shane Dawson’s Return

Shane Dawnson’s apologetic video on October 10th was highly criticized, with Twitch streamer Imane Anys aka Pokimane claiming that it sent “disingenuous vibes” and that he didn’t think about his sins for long enough. She also felt like he didn’t adequately address what he had done wrong, nor did he appear to be sincerely sorry for it.

Shane Dawson’s apologetic video was posted to YouTube earlier this week, marking his comeback to the platform after an almost two-year absence. He had previously found himself cancelled amid allegations of racism in his previous videos, which led to the YouTube content creator losing millions of subscribers.

During a recent live broadcast, Twitch streamer Pokimane reacted to the video stating; “The way that he is jumping between topics, I hate to say it, it just sends such disingenuous vibes.” According to Pokimane, Shane would have taken more effort to make people aware of his apologies if he truly cared. 

Poki then continued stating; “The way he summarized it kind of sucked, where he was like, ‘All these clips came out and that was bad, and if I talk about how I really feel about it then people will say I just want sympathy’ but it’s like, then maybe you haven’t thought about it long enough.” 

Pokimane also went on to criticize Shane Dawson for failing to adequately address the reason for his absence. The Twitch star said that none of the justifications provided have suggested that he actually felt awful about what he did, nor did he admit that what he did was wrong or that he was sorry. 

While numerous other members of the Twitch and YouTube communities agree with Pokimane’s stance on the topic, many believe that an apology was unnecessary because Shane had already apologized for what had happened previously.

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