Poopernoodle Paints xQc

A popular streaming platform Twitch is one of the most popular streaming sites, and with such a vast platform comes a wide range of material. One streamer known as “poopernoodle” is particularly famous for playing games like New World. However, during her time on Twitch, the streamer has routinely streamed in the “Just Chatting” category while painting, cosplaying, or creating cosmetics marvels. One of her most recent works has gone viral on social media.

Pokimane, xQc, Shroud, Forsen, and many others are among the more well-known Twitch streamers. While poopernoodle does have a large following on Twitch, with 53.7k followers, there are few other streams with the same level of popularity as the controversial xQc.

Many artists use Twitch to webcast the development of their work, but poopernoodle recently used xQc to draw attention to her page. Poopernoodle is an artist who works with makeup and other mediums, but she decided to create an image of xQc using only her nose this time. Using a bowl-cut version of xQc as her reference image only added to the absurdity of the scenario. With prominent personalities like Shroud presently criticizing New World, it’s no surprise that poopernoodle turned to alternate content rather than streaming what she normally does.

Poopernoodle’s stream was amusing, with each of her sub-goals being amusing in its own right. With this in mind, she decided to paint a humorous portrait of the streamer, and the fact that she painted him with her nose in perfect silence has resulted in a viral video on Twitch. Because streamer xQc is one of the most outspoken and contentious, he may answer poopernoodle’s recreation of him in the near future, following his previous concerns about a bad GTA RP experience.

There’s a lot of drama between high-level streamers on the Twitch network, with a lot of it centered on xQc. A recent incident with xQc criticizing the new Pokimane attitude has reignited the drama. Fortunately for poopernoodle’s many followers, she continues to stream New World on a regular basis, bringing fresh and unexpected content to the platform while avoiding the streamer drama.

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