poopernoodle’s Tribute to xQc

A female twitch streamer that goes by the name ‘poopernoodle’ has hosted a subathon stream during which she presented a touching tribute to xQc, and viewers were blown away by how well it all came together.

Streamers are notorious for doing unusual things when they live. Previously, a Twitch streamer had to fight off a lobster during a live stream, which resulted in full chaos.

Now, we have another Twitch streamer who used one of the strangest tools: her nose, to create a remarkable reproduction of xQc on the canvas.

Poopernoodle, a Twitch streamer, was conducting a subathon when she decided to use her nose to paint a portrait of xQc. Using an old photo of the former Overwatch pro and his Coconut Head style bowl-cut, the painting came out looking very accurate.

She nailed the style, showing her artistic skills along the way, despite the unfavorable source material. Painting on canvas is difficult enough as it is, but using your nose as a brush, that is pure brilliance.

The stream became increasingly chaotic, with noodle ultimately painting her face to match her massive lobster hate. The final version of the xQc painting with some beautiful grey touches thrown in, which he would appreciate. 

Although the subathon live is still going on, fans are adoring poopernoodle’s xQc painting of the star Twitch streamer xQc.

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