PoppaPhil’s Grief

A popular Twitch streamer PoppaPhil recently revealed that his girlfriend, Tailor (age 27), was found dead on September 18th.

PoppaPhill has a small Twitch following of about 1,300 people. PoppaPhill, along with thousands of other Twitter users, was recently devastated when he revealed that his girlfriend, Tailor (who used the Twitch handle “ghostgirl 94”), had died over the weekend. At the time of her death, Tailor was only 27 years old.

He realized something was wrong after he couldn’t reach Tailor despite several attempts, according to a tweet posted at 6:32 PM BST on September 18th. He also stated that her car was not at her residence and that she had not picked up her children that morning.

He announced later that evening at 9:20PM. BST, that his girlfriend had died. He said that his girlfriend was recently discovered dead, and he wanted to die because he is so f*cked up with so many things going through his head.

PoppaPhill followed up with a tweet a few hours later, thanking everyone for their love and support for his girlfriend. The Twitch streamer revealed that he was still in shock, shattered and torn. “I’m at a loss for words. All I know is that I adored Tailor, and it breaks my heart to learn that a beautiful soul like my baby was taken from us last night.”

Later, the Twitch streamer expressed his feelings on Twitter, writing: “I’m completely confused. So messed up. My love, you were taken far too soon, and as much as I despise it, I know you are in a much better place now.”

While the news has come as a huge shock, PoppaPhill’s followers and the rest of the Twitter community have been overwhelmingly supportive. Fans and other internet users have flocked to support the troubled Twitch streamer.

During this difficult time, we sympathize with PoppaPhill and extend our heartfelt condolences to him and Tailor’s family.

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