ProjectMomo Mother Passion For Guns

ProjektMomo is a Vlogger who became famous for her “Osu!” gameplay. When the incident occurred, the American Vlogger was celebrating her one-year anniversary on Twitch.

During her one-year anniversary stream, Momo and her mother were answering questions from Twitch chat. Her mother was given control of the stream by the V-Tuber, who even gave her a custom virtual character.

Momo’s mother stunned viewers when asked about her favorite gun in response to a question. ProjektMomo’s mother expressed her eagerness to answer the upcoming question, having foreseen it. A viewer inquired about their preferred weapon.

Both the streamer and Momo burst out laughing as she read the question aloud.

The mother then launched into a passionate discussion about the firearms she possessed. ProjektMomo could be heard snickering in the background as her mother described her favorite gun in her collection, an AR-15. The startled Twitch chat was then noticed by her mother.

ProjektMomo’s mother informed the viewers that she recently purchased more ammo for her guns as the two of them burst out laughing once more. Momo, too, was taken aback by the news. Her mother then confirmed that she was in possession of a firearms permit.

ProjektMomo’s mother mentioned her Glock, a well-known pistol, as her next gun. She noticed the Twitch chat’s puzzled reactions as soon as she tried to talk about it. Momo chimed in, explaining how the conversation might be confusing and absurd to the non-American audience in the audience.

Momo then narrated a recent interaction between the two, which added to the absurdity. Momo told her viewers about how her mother spontaneously expressed her desire to buy a shotgun, alluding to her mother’s passion for guns.

Her mother immediately defended her remark. She went on to say that she didn’t have a shotgun and that she needed one. Her mother also explained why she prefers a tactical shotgun.

Momo then resumed her stream after referring to her mother as a “prepared beast.”

While the viewers were amused by Momo’s mother’s enthusiasm for her gun, they were also perplexed by the need for such a large number of guns. Outside of America, gun ownership is relatively uncommon, and fans took to Reddit to discuss this.

As previously stated, ProjektMomo is well-known for her Osu! gameplay. Osu! is a rhythm game that gained popularity due to its fun mechanics. Momo has a Twitch channel where she regularly streams and is known for hosting charity streams that benefit animal welfare.

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