QTCinderella’s Recent Collaboration

QTCinderella, a popular Twitch streamer, has announced her latest collaborative event, Girls Trip, which will take place from May 4 – 7 and will feature 15 streamers living in one house.

QTCinderella has announced that she will attempt her own version of BrookeAB’s girls’ night in December 2021, which she will be vlogging. QTCinderella officially announced Girls Trip with a stacked lineup of popular streamers in a Jersey Shore-style video featuring an original song from ARIatHOME.

QTCinderella, JustaMinx, Maya Higa, the Botez sisters, Alinity, Sydeon, LilyPichu, Bnans, Kato Kat, KKatamina, AriaSaki, QuarterJade, Alluux, and xChocobars are all set to appear in Girls Trip. This list includes content creators affiliated with OfflineTV, TSM, NRG, and other companies, with a total of 15 streamers. This group of streamers will be sharing a single house for their four-day event, though it is unclear where this will take place.

The event will be broadcast live on all 15 streamers’ channels, with the first few minutes being broadcast on QTCinderella’s Twitch account. A master list, similar to the one used at Shit Camp, another QTCinderella-hosted event, is likely to be released.

QTCinderella is no stranger to hosting events, and this will be her latest major collaborative effort. Following the Streamer Awards, QTCinderella hosted one of the most-watched Twitch events, with a large number of streamers in attendance. Girls Trip will undoubtedly add to her already impressive repertoire of collaborative broadcasts, as she has gathered streamers for some of the platform’s most chaotic and innovative content.



QTCinderella is going to do a livestream where 15 different Twitch streamers will live in one house, and they’ll be streaming their own individual channels while also broadcasting the stream on QTCinderella’s.

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