Quin69 League Of Legends Suspension

After playing a game against stream snipers, popular Twitch streamer Quintin “Quin69” was given a two-week League of Legends suspension.

Quin69 has been attempting to climb the ranks of League of Legends, the massively popular multiplayer online battle arena game, for the past few days. While he’s been trying to improve his rank by playing against random players, some members of his audience have been “stream sniping,” or watching someone’s stream while playing against them in a game.

Most games are unbalanced and unfair as a result of stream sniping, as the enemy can see every move, thought, and conversation simply by tuning in to the streamer’s broadcast.

Stream sniping in League of Legends, on the other hand, is extremely aggravating because it includes mechanics that can completely prevent a player from using a specific character.

Quin experienced something similar today: he was playing matches while stream snipers kept banning the character he wanted to play. This could have been easily avoided by not showing the character selection screen on stream, but Quin refused to listen to his chat and paid the price.

The streamer attempted to enter a new game after a match in which he had zero kills, zero assists, and was killed thirteen times when he was abruptly kicked out. Quin received a note saying he was banned from matchmaking for fourteen days after returning to the game’s launcher.

While it’s obvious that the stream snipers shouldn’t be allowed to cheat any longer, many fans chastised Quin69 for his stubbornness. Some said he deserved the ban for his actions in the previous match, and his chat tried to help him avoid being stream sniped.

With such a bad experience playing the game and now a 14-day ban, it doesn’t appear that Quin69 will be returning to League anytime soon.

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