Racist Remarks Of Genshin Impact Streamer Sparks Backlash

After a Genshin Impact streamer made racist remarks about Chinese people, Tenha, Tectone, Atsu (AsianGuyGenshin), and other Genshin Impact creators have come forward to speak out against racism in the Genshin Impact community.

The free-to-play game has a sizable following, and many streamers devote their time to creating content for the game. During Kylorren_lol’s recent livestream, one streamer caught the Genshin Impact streamer making racist remarks, and other members of the community have spoken out against him.

A Latin American streamer’s name is Kylorren_lol started the incident after a disagreement with another streamer. The drama ended with the streamer making racist remarks and the Genshin Impact community condemning him.

The creator of popular Genshin Impact, Tenha was recently the target of a racist attack from another streamer over a content disagreement.

Following Kylorren_lol’s response to a Tenha video about Keqing, streamers kylorren_lol and Tenha got into an argument. Kyllorren questioned Tenha’s video and declared that he would put his Keqing up against Tenha’s to see who was the best.

Tenha asked Kylorren not to use his video without permission, which led to Kylorren expressing his opinion to both him and Chinese people during a subsequent live stream.

Kylorren made the following remark during his livestream, which sparked outrage saying that his bosses are Chinese, and that they are the worst and the world’s most despicable individuals.

The Genshin Impact community was outraged by these racist remarks, and players took to Twitter and YouTube to express their outrage. Many people pointed out the flaws in Kylorren’s statements, as well as his blatant racism, because Genshin Impact is a game created by a Chinese company.

Genshin Impact content creators Atsu, AKA AsianGuyGenshin, and Tectone also spoke out against racism in the Genshin Impact community. Atsu added in his dedicated video and tweets about the blatant racism saying that racism should not be tolerated in Genshin, or anywhere else for that matter and that it’s extremely concerning that some communities openly promote racist behavior in order to harass other content creators.

The Genshin Impact community as a whole has reacted angrily to Kylorren’s remarks.

Many fans have spoken out against racism in the Genshin Impact community, stating that racists have no place in the fanbase. Intolerance toward Asians makes no sense for a game created by a Chinese company and extremely popular in many Asian countries.

Furthermore, there is no place for racism of any kind, and the fans are emphasizing this point.

While Kylorre_lol’s Twitter account appears to be deactivated, his Twitch and YouTube pages remain active. According to the most recent reports, he appears to have deleted the VOD and clips of the racist comments, but the evidence remains.

Because it has been several days since his last stream, it is unclear how he will return to streaming, and the community will have to wait and see if he issues an apology.

The community of Genshin Impact is still one of the most diverse, and all fans should be able to enjoy the game without fear of racist comments. Hopefully, this incident will teach those in the community who say hateful things a lesson.

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