Radstads Exposes Christian Bishop

After Radstads, one of YouTube Gaming streamer Ludwig‘s TikTok editors claimed that a high-ranking executive at Twitch had stolen his work and republished it on various social media platforms, the shocking Twitter conversation thread gained a lot of traction.

Following his outing, Christian Bishop, the Director of Twitch Properties, blocked the TikTok editor and halted all communications on the subject. During the height of the controversy, he also made his account private for a short time.

Radstads spoke out against Bishop, accusing him of being malicious.

Radstads’ tweet, which claimed that one of the highest-ranking corporate executives had stolen his and other content creators’ work, began to trend on Reddit and other media platforms on March 16, 2022.

This was the editor’s second public statement. He tagged the official Esports account that was seen ripping off his content in November 2021. It didn’t get nearly as much attention this time.

Rather than deleting the content, Esports uploaded more stolen content with their watermark, claiming it as their own.

Radstads provided an update on his situation by sharing a screenshot of a conversation with Esports’ head of digital, Kendryx (@Kendryx_). They doubled down on their negative stance, according to the head of digital, and went on to call Radstads a nobody.

Following this exchange, the TikTok editor shared some advice for other editors who work for well-known streamers and influencers. He begged them not to share their work with anyone else, including the organization’s owner. To show their support, he asked people to contact him directly.

Streamer Ludwig was visible in the conversation’s reply section, where he addressed the parties named in the allegations directly.

Several fans and audiences were seen interacting in the Reddit thread created for the topic as a result of the extensive outreach. Some Reddit users confirmed that the stolen content had been removed from the TikTok profile for Esports.

Following the incident, Esports Organization’s official Twitter handle issued a tweet requesting public apologies. They discussed the situation and admitted that they had made a mistake.

Esports’ TikTok profile was deactivated, and all of their content was removed from the short video hosting platform.

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