Rage 2 – What We Know So Far

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Rage 2 from Bethesda Softworks is a solo-player P2P FPS sequel that takes place thirty years later than the original. The post-apocalyptic world will be explored by players, who can rely on the assistance of NPC friends. The game is due to be released on May 14, 2019.

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Since the impact of the asteroid, 99942 Apophis on the Earth in 2011, 80% of humanity has died. It’s been approximately 136 year. We saw Nicholas Raine (a former U.S Marine Lieutenant), awaken from cryogenic sleep after the collision. He discovered the source of the dangerous Authority’s new world order and explored it. he attempted to rescue other enhanced survivors from cryogenic stasis. With the mission completed, the game was over.

However, it appears that the things that Lieutenant Raine had expected didn’t happen. The environment has begun to heal from the disaster, but humanity remains a chaos. Many survivors have formed factions to fight for scarce resources. The Authority is back, having risen underground.

It is now 30 years since Raine’s adventures when Walker, the last remaining Ranger of Vineland, is introduced. It is unclear what happened to Raine’s Eden Project survivors, but it is certain that Raine didn’t realize his hopes. It has been able to grow and upgrade its mutant army, and it is now destroying any opposition. Walker, who was left to his own devices by such an attack against his family, is determined to destroy the Authority.


Players can choose whether to be a male character or a female one at the beginning. The voice commentary will not have any impact on the game, but it was implied that the characters could be customized beyond their sex. Walker, however, will be used throughout the article as a male character. The main mission will be given to Doctor Antonin Kvasir who Walker will need to save.

Walker must acquire all the equipment and nanotrite upgrades necessary to defeat the Authority. Walker can do this by completing side-quests or pursuing quests. You can track down Arks undiscovered, claim bounties and gather information from NPCs. Additionally, you will need to assist NPCs being harassed or raided, as well as participate in races.

The game will feature vehicles, which, like the original Rage play an important role due to their offensive and defensive capabilities. The map will have a faster-travel feature, which will make it even more interesting. There will at least one aircraft-borne vehicle. However, there are many others. Motorcycles are the smallest, while Convoy Leader is the largest. Bethesda has revealed that the Convoy Leader will have a larger option than the Monster Truck in the original game. This should make Walker’s journey more interesting as he plows through mobs.

While the Authority will be the primary enemy, Walker will have to contend with six threats from the human bandit faction and a lot of other ‘wild’ mutants. Walker will also need to confront some new wildlife as he travels through the wastelands. There are six different biomes in the wastelands, which include deserts, urban areas, snow-covered, and wetlands. Walker can’t swim so it is unlikely there will be any deep oceans and rivers.

Bethesda has also revealed that Tim Kitzrow will provide voice-over commentary and a cheat code for “He’s on Fire”. Players will have the surreal feeling of hearing tournament commentary as they play the game.

Abilities and Weapons

Walker, a Ranger tribal member, is blessed with Nanotrites, giving him superhuman endurance and strength. This is the reason his tribe was destroyed. Players will continue to have the Wingstick, but with new features. They will also be able to access new weapons and abilities such as Shatter. This will enable Walker to use kinetic energy and infuse it to blast apart their enemies.

These abilities can be accessed through the skill tree. As the character progresses through the game, a new skill is unlocked or unlockable through in-game achievements. Walker will increase his Overdrive Meter as he kills. It will eventually reach its maximum capacity and provide Nanotrite enhancements for all his abilities and weapons. Enemies will drop more loot, and Overdrive will allow him to regain his HP.

Although Doctor Kvasir may provide some technology upgrades and tech, most vehicles will likely be claimed by finders-keepers. Walker will find loot and craft materials as he battles foes. He can also level up his items by upgrading them.

Although it’s not explicitly stated, we can presume that there are peaceful settlements and compounds scattered around the wasteland. They would be needed for quick travel or restocking supplies. It would not be easy to justify killing the factions, if they truly represent all of humanity.

Beyond Campaign Mode

Rage 2 can be played beyond the endgame. Bethesda staff hint at the possibility of microtransactions. It is not clear if these would allow for access to cosmetic items, real game-changers or just cosmetic missions. This seems very likely, however, as a bonus mission comes with the Deluxe edition of the game. It is possible to assume they have been waiting to see how the community reacts to the game before making a decision on whether or not to continue providing content.

The main plot of the game is currently being developed. This suggests that new sub-plots and missions may be added if it performs well enough. They have stated in advance that both paid and free DLC will be available.

Bethesda has suggested there might be social gaming, however not in MMO multiplayer-sense. One trailer suggests that there will be a mini-racing game, however this is just speculation.

Bonus Content

You can choose from three editions: the Standard, Deluxe, and Collector’s editions. Pre-orders include bonus content such as a mission, weaponry and Raine’s armour, and even a skin for a monster truck. While the Deluxe Edition has another mission and cheat codes, the Collector’s Edition contains all the content of the previous editions. It also includes a steelbook, poster, and real-life talking and singing ‘Ruckus the Talking Head’ decoration.



In Short: As a first person shooter, Rage 2 has some of the best action of the year but as an open world adventure it squanders everything on a listless story campaign and banal mission design. Pros: Excellent gunplay and a huge range of interesting and impactful abilities, weapons, and upgrades.15-May-2019

Rage 2 studio director Tim Willits reveals that he would like to make Rage 3 ‘as soon as possible,’ also sharing some strange ideas that were nearly in the game. Rage 2 has only been available for a few days, but id Software studio director Tim Willits reveals that he is now planning the sequel.16-May-2019

Rage 2 was the best-selling retail game in the United Kingdom in its week of release, beating Days Gone, although its physical sales figures were only 25% of the original game’s launch-week sales.

Rage 2 studio director Tim Willits reveals that he would like to make Rage 3 ‘as soon as possible,’ also sharing some strange ideas that were nearly in the game. Rage 2 has only been available for a few days, but id Software studio director Tim Willits reveals that he is now planning the sequel.16-May-2019


Premise: After the asteroid 99942 Apophis hit the earth in 2011 80% of humanity has died. It’s been approximately 30 years and now a Ranger named Walker must fight against an Authority led by Nicholas Raine who attempted to rescue survivors from cryogenic sleep, but ended up failing.

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