Reaction Of Gremlindy

In the midst of the normal toxicity in the popular streaming platform Twitch community, seeing some wholesome and/or cringe-worthy moments on live is a breath of fresh air. Recently, the incidence in issue may prompt some discussion regarding the concept of equality in the gaming industry, particularly in terms of behavior. This one on the other hand, is a very amusing event, even if it does have anything to do with men and women handled differently in the lobby.

One of the popular Twitch streamers now, Gremlindy, was accidentally flashed (not like that) by a buddy who was streaming Valorant while playing Phoenix. She responded properly with “Oh Phoenix, what the f***!” for those who already tried and played the game.

However, a female voice on the other end apologized, and Gremlindy responded with a lovely voice; “Oh, it’s okay, don’t worry, never mind.” The whole thing was funny, and it got even funnier when another person in the lobby called it out.

Gremlindy’s shift of tone was delightfully brought up by another member of the lobby when she completely lost it and burst out laughing. When this Twitch footage was shared on Reddit, it was her laughing that was the most talked about in the comment area.

This has to be one of the most entertaining Twitch stream events in a long time. Furthermore, it is quite uncommon to see players maintain their composure during Valorous streams. It’s usually either people smoking other gamers or people agreeing to do so but failing to do so.




Gremlindy streams the popular game Valorant and is revealed by her friend to have been flashed by Phoenix, who was being played by her friend. She responds with a funny sentence like “Oh Phoenix, what the F***!” Another person in the lobby calls this out for its hilar

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