Recent Apps Not Working Android 12

We are all used to Android 12’s frequent glitches and lags, but there are still some issues that users aren’t able to comprehend. It is clear that problems with navigation, gestures and our trusty friends the on-screen buttons, are what hamper the user experience most.

Many Android 12 users are dissatisfied with the ongoing problem that recent Android apps don’t work on Android 12. Some people prefer buttons to modernized gestures. This can make it frustrating and difficult for many. We have highlighted the possible causes of this issue and suggested the solutions. Let’s get down to the root cause of this problem.

The Recently Used Apps Button Does Not Work?

This particular problem is most often discovered after a system upgrade. It might seem odd to think that a system upgrade should not make your device worse. There are always potential casualties when your device is updated. Is that a reason to not upgrade your device? You should not update your device if you don’t want any of your apps to behave erratically. It is best to identify the root cause of the problem and find solutions.

It is more difficult to identify possible causes in this instance, since the evidence has not been concrete. We can make a bet if we only look at the most popular solutions. These are the reasons why your button on one of these apps isn’t working.

  1. Issues relating to Launchers
  2. Corrupt Cache and Device Information
  3. Software that is out of date
  4. Navigation settings that are not well-organized
  5. Simple lags or glitches

Let’s now look at the solutions that are most successful.

How to fix recent apps that are not showing

While searching the web for solutions, we also tried our best to solve the problem of Android 12 apps not being compatible with recent versions. We came up with 5 solutions to the problem, and we tried them all. These are some of the most popular solutions for apps that do not work.

1. Start the device again

Restarting a computer can resolve many issues quickly, whether it’s a laptop or personal computer. It might not always happen, but it doesn’t make it less worth it.

There are many ways to reboot Android phones. It is best to simply restart the device according to the instruction manual for your particular model to see if it fixes the problem.

2. Make sure your device is in safe mode

It’s time for a Safe Mode Restart if your device is not responding to restarts. Recent OEMs have removed the Recovery feature to wipe away cache partitions. Android, however, isn’t one. If buttons stop working on Android 12 and keep popping up, restarting your device in Safe Mode will resolve the problem.

Here are some steps to help you get started.

  • Hold down the Power button until the Power menu appears.
  • Hold down the Power Off button until the Safe Mode prompt appears.
  • To restart your smartphone in Safe Mode, tap

3. Clear Cache Partition

You can resolve many in-app problems by wiping out the data that is stored there. You can only access the cache partition from your phone’s internal storage via the system interface. To wipe out the cache partition, you must use the Recovery option.

This is how it works:

  • Turn off your device.
  • Hold down the Volume Up and Power buttons, until you see the Welcome screen. Press the Power button, but hold the Volume Up button.
  • After you have entered the Recovery mode, use the Volume buttons to access the Wipe Cache Parition option. To confirm your selection, click on the Power button
  • The device must be rebooted to get it back into the system.

4. Check the navigation settings again

It can be very useful to switch between navigation options. Important: This applies to only the most recent Android versions. Gestures were introduced in the Android 9 version.

How to verify your navigation settings:

  • Navigate to the Settingsmenu.
  • Choose the Optional Settingsoption.
  • Tap on Gesture shortcuts.
  • Choose Shortcuts and choose menu.
  • To check if the Latestsbutton is functioning,

5. Make sure to check for software updates

If none of these solutions work, or the problem with the button for recently downloaded apps not working continues, you may need to update your software. Android 12 usually releases regular patches and bug fixes that require manual updating. However, you will always get an “Updates Available” prompt when you open Settings.

This is how you manually check for new updates

  • On your smartphone, open Settings.
  • Select the Systembutton
  • Look for any pending updates by opening Software update.

6. Change to a Different Launcher

Android launchers allow you to launch apps, modify the home screen and receive/end phone calls. They also let you execute essential tasks such as launching applications or customizing the home screen. Each Android smartphone comes with its own native launcher. It could be possible that your default launcher has been affected by an update. If your recent app button does not work, this could indicate that your Android smartphone is experiencing some issues. You can also switch to other Android launchers, which will not fix the problem but offer additional features like hiding apps, customizing drawers, changing search engines and creating shortcuts.

7. Factory reset your device

Apps can become confused and malfunction frequently because the system architecture changes over time. If this is true, a factory reset will be your best option. Factory reset your Android 12 device if you are unable to see the latest apps.

Google Pixer 6/6 Pro Factory Reset

This is how you factory reset an Android 12 smartphone:

  • Backup your data from internal storage.
  • Select System from Settings.
  • To reset , click on
  • Choose Factory data Reset and follow the steps.
  • Try to restore backed up data by typing r and esetting all apps. Reinstalling apps should always be done from scratch.


These are the only recent Android apps that have not worked on Android 12. We believe this should be enough. Keep in mind to try different solutions until you find the right one for you. They have been proven effective repeatedly, and they should work for you just as well. You are welcome!

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