Resident Evil 8 Village Goats of Warding Locations Guide – Where to Find

Resident Evil 8 is a survival horror game released by Capcom in 2017. The game is set in a fictional rural village in modern day England. The village is populated by a community of people infected by a mutated strain of the Progenitor Virus, known as the Goats of the Warding. The “Village of the Goats of Warding” is a reference to the “Village of the Damned”, a 1960 horror/sci-fi novel by John Wyndham. The original novel shares many elements with Resident Evil 8, but the biggest similarity is its use of an isolated community populated by hopeless, mind-controlling, seemingly emotionless people.

Resident Evil 8 is one of the best games of the series so far, and it’s filled with little secrets and extras to discover. One of these extras is in the form of a special type of goat that can be found in the game. Known as the “goat of warding,” these mystical goats are found in the village and will save your progress if you feed them. The goat of warding can be found in various locations around the village and if you are lucky, you might even get a chance to ride it.

Resident Evil 8 Village Protection Goats Search Guide – Where to find all the goats.

This Resident Evil 8 Village Goat Location Guide will show you where to find all the goats in the game. The Protection Goat is one of the many collectibles in the game that you need to collect in order to complete Resident Evil 8 Village for 100%.

There are a total of 20 goats that you can meet during your adventure in the story. While you may come across some collectibles because they are highly visible, others are well hidden in places where they can easily go unnoticed. To collect all the word goats, visit all the locations below and collect all 20 word goats.

Resident Evil 8 Warding Village Goats Location Guide

We’ve listed below where you can find the 20 collectibles from Goats on Guard.

Goat kids

# Zone Location
Goat 1 Village You’ll find the first goat in the village, where it stands on the road to the cemetery. IT will be in the sanctuary with the candles on the right.
Goat 2 Village At the village church, look at the roof.
Goat 3 Village On top of the stone wall to the left of the Padal pit. This area will also be occupied by Lycans.
Goat 4 Underground In the vineyard, the goat will be near the scarecrow before he meets Duke.
Goat 5 Dimitrescu Castle, ground floor 1 In the distillery, where it is lit by candles.
Goat 6 Dimitrescu Castle, attic. Go to the attic and turn around from the ladder. The goat will be on top of the drawers, next to the books.
Goat 7 Village On the lonely road after the fight with the boss Lady Dimitrescu. He’s on the left side of the bridge now.
Goat 8 Village Behind the church, this time in the cemetery, where he is locked in a room behind the door of the Insignia Key. Once inside, go behind the mausoleum.
Goat 9 Village The old western town, where a small wooden cabin would stand on a snowy piece of metal.
Goat 10 Village At the shady wooden suspension bridge, look to the left to find another bridge.
Goat 11 House Benevento Before entering the house, go around the porch to the left and find it behind the fence on the cliff.
Goat 12 The village, Moro. At the first windmill on the other side, where there are railroad tracks and a pile of tree trunks, you will find
Goat 13 Village In the flooded village where you evade Moro, the goat is on the wooden posts outside, near the main buildings.
Goat 14 The village, after the battle with Moro. When you’re done fighting Moro, go back to the boat and walk down past the windmill, the goat will be on the left.
Goat 15 The village, Otto’s mill under the mill, where he’ll be in a candlelit shrine.
Goat 16 Fortress, basement level 1 After the spiral staircase, it will hide behind some buckets on the right.
Goat 17 Factory, cellar 2 In the area you lift and to the rotating fan. After disconnecting the fan, look at the balcony where it will be placed on the excavator bucket on the teeth
Goat 18 Factory, Elevator If you take the elevator from B1 to B3, you’ll find it on the railing as you enter the elevator. It’s to the left of the balustrade.
Goat 19 Factory, cellar 1 After you beat Strum, go to the small room and go through the slot to the right of Heisenberg’s journal.
Goat 20 Final After Chris has dropped the bomb on the Megamite, look to your right behind the spikes blocking your path. Pull the goat to get it.

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