Reward for playing Dead by Daylight Prime Gaming

Some classic horror faces are still featured in Dead by Daylight’s growing roster of brutal killers and hard-living survivors.

The best thing about is the ability to create terrifying new characters using different cosmetics.

You can claim Prime Gaming Rewards by signing up for Amazon Prime. This is one of the ways that Prime members can add more of these highly-coveted items to your inventory. Here’s all you need to know to get Dead by Daylight Prime Gaming goodies.

You must be a Prime member to claim these drops. You won’t qualify for this promotion if you don’t have an active Amazon Prime subscription.

To get Dead by Daylight cosmetics you don’t need to link your accounts. You can claim the cosmetics instead.

  1. Visit Prime Gaming’s site.

  2. Scroll down until you locate it.

  3. Click “Claim” for the current reward.

  4. You will receive a code. Copy and paste this code.

  5. Play Dead by Daylight.

  6. Next, click on “Feature” in the “Storeā€ tab.

  7. The top-right corner of the page has a span style=”font weight: 400 Redeem Code”. You can enter your code here (see below). )

The code must be used before February 10, 2022 or it will become invalid.

Two new skins will mark the Artist’s entry to the DBD fray and return from the grave: Deluded Perception and Altered Perception.

The tortured undead have never been more beautiful. She swapped her worn-out burgundy for regal royal blue and violet robes, with gold and snake-like trimmings.

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